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Di seguito troverai le risposte alle domande più frequenti

  • How can I take classes with you?
    You have the quarterly or annual online options that will suit your needs
  • If I were interested in teaching with you, would it be possible to bring you to my club?
    Sure, I’d have no problem traveling and moving anywhere in the world
  • If I travel on holiday to Spain, could I book classes with you at your club?
    Of course. Just contact me and we’ll arrange
  • Have you trained any WPT players?
    I have trained Alex Ruiz, Mati Marina, Gonzalo Rubio, nacho Gadea, Víctor Ruiz, Ángela Caro among others
  • Do we have an important tournament soon. We could count on your help to train and come to the tournament with us?
    If we organize it ahead of time, all options are possible
  • I’m retired. Is padel a sport I could play?
    No doubt about it. Padel is a sport that, as long as the injuries allow it, you can practice it well into years
  • We are a company that we would like to reach a collaboration agreement with you if possible, seeing your reach on social networks and the number of followers you have
    No doubt about it. Padel is a sport that, as long as the injuries allow it, you can practice it well into years
  • Our club plans to have a detail with the members and we would like to count on you for classes. Would this be possible?
    It would be possible. You can contact me and we would see how to organize it
  • Do you need to have a minimum level to join your online classes as a player/student?
    No, all levels are welcome. From initiation to professional level
  • Do you need to have a degree as a monitor to sign up for the coaches course?
    No, desire to learn and motivation to devote yourself to teaching is all I ask
  • How much does a class cost in person with you?
    Contact me and I will answer you as soon as possible
  • Have you trained WPT players yet?
    Yes, I have already had the honor and pleasure of training some WPT players, among them: Alex Ruiz, Gonzalo Rubio, Ignacio Gadea and Matías Marina. The paddle circuit is a small world and I know almost all the players. Many of them are good friends of mine. In addition to WPT players, I have trained many other player
  • There’s an important tournament scheduled and we could use a coach by our side. Could we count on you?
    Sure. Contact me and see how we can do it
  • Our company is impressed by your enthusiasm and your followers on Instagram and therefore wants to establish a kind of sponsorship or partnership with you. Would that be possible?
    Sure. I’m open to all kinds of collaborations. Get in touch with me and we see the best way to work together
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