técnica a tu profe

What does #exigetécnicaatuprofe mean?

'Exige técnica a tu profe' literally means 'demand technique from your coach'.

Coining #exigetécnicaatuprofe several years ago, I wanted to stress the importance of padel players having a padel coach to whom technique really is key.

We see a lot of padel players with a bad technique. That doesn't necessarily mean that they are awful players or that they can't win any matches. Despite a shoddy technique they might still win a fair amount of matches.

But why make padel more difficult than it should be?

Why make padel life harder on yourself?

Having an improper technique will hold you back because your shots are out of sync and don't go where and how they should go. Moreover, your shot selection will be hampered by the want of a better technique, too.

In essence, padel is a beautifully simple sport but you have to get the technical fundamentals down first and foremost.

Hence the need of a coach who can spot the technical flaws in your game so as to drastically improve or even change your game. That's not just the case for professional players but the same rings true, or perhaps even more so, for beginners and casual players: learning the right technique will not only bring you more joy but will also enable you to become a better player much more quickly.


I see it as a coach's duty to teach you the proper technique in an easy and simple way so you know what you have to do to correct your strokes. The speed at which your technique and your level improve depends on your ability to absorb your coach's advice, your motivation and obviously, your coach's capabilities.

My coaching methodology is pure and simple so as to achieve the best results.


Ready for the next level?


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